Hub Shields Arrived!

I’m getting a bit ahead of the posts here, but I just received the bare boards for the other end of the Wireless RH/Temp Sensor system.

On the other end of this system, there needs to be a device to collect the data being generated by the sensor modules. I chose to go with a daughter board to the BeagleBone Black, which already includes an Ethernet interface to push the data to a server. The shield (cape, etc.) contains the radio device for receiving the data, the standard cape EEPROM, another RH/Temp sensor, a buzzer and some LEDs for indication.

The board has already been designed, and I had three PCBs fabbed. You may recognize the signature purple solder mask, courtesy of OSH Park. Well they arrived the other day and I wanted to share.

Bare Hub Shield PCBs.

Bare Hub Shield PCBs.

The Crisis du Jour

Yesterday I decided to activate the CloudStation feature on my Synology NAS to keep files synchronized and backed up locally on our home network. Included in the sync is my main development folder, which for some projects includes .git repositories.

Today I attempted to open some firmware I’ve been working on and IAR immediately starts yelling at me that files are missing from the project. WHAT?!

Checking the folder showed that some of the files have been modified by CloudStation because there are file conflicts. Thinking I could just re-pull the repo from the remote, I opened SourceTree, which immediately crashed because the config file had been modified outside of the application.

Sure enough, the git directory for this firmware repo is corrupted, and CloudStation is in the middle of syncing files on the network. See for yourself below.

This is what Synology CloudStation does to git repos.

This is what Synology CloudStation does to git repos.


This is unacceptable. I can’t have the cloud service trashing my files while I’m working with them, just because they recently have been saved. The weird thing is that if I look at the directory on the NAS in the File Station folder, it has properly named files that haven’t been synced back to my machine yet.

I guess I’ll wait for the 18000+ files to sync to see if it resolves, then I’m going to selectively remove that directory from the sync process. I don’t think it would be wise to manually modify the repo files.

I’ve also opened a ticket with Synology. Will post a follow up.