Seriously, Arduino?

I’m in the process of converting a toaster oven into a reflow oven, and I opted to use the Arduino Uno + Rocket Scream Reflow Oven Controller Shield as the PID controller.

So I’ve disassembled the oven and went to mount the Uno on the outside using the four mounting holes which are meant for 4-40 screws. I noticed that when I installed the standoffs on the enclosure of the oven that one of the standoffs would likely short to the AREF connector underside pins.

What’s worse however, is that on the same hole, the head of a standard 4-40 screw¬†INTERFERES with the AREF and 10-pin socket header.

4-40 screw hole where the head won't fit.

4-40 screw hole where the head won’t fit.

Standard 4-40 screw in screw hole - head doesn't fit.

Standard 4-40 screw in screw hole – head doesn’t fit.

Screw doesn't fit here. PCB fail.

Screw doesn’t fit here. PCB fail.

Really? That’s a pretty big oversight to include screw holes for 4-40 screws and not check if the screw head would interfere with the placement of other components. PCB layout fail, Arduino.