Hub Shields Arrived!

I’m getting a bit ahead of the posts here, but I just received the bare boards for the other end of the Wireless RH/Temp Sensor system.

On the other end of this system, there needs to be a device to collect the data being generated by the sensor modules. I chose to go with a daughter board to the BeagleBone Black, which already includes an Ethernet interface to push the data to a server. The shield (cape, etc.) contains the radio device for receiving the data, the standard cape EEPROM, another RH/Temp sensor, a buzzer and some LEDs for indication.

The board has already been designed, and I had three PCBs fabbed. You may recognize the signature purple solder mask, courtesy of OSH Park. Well they arrived the other day and I wanted to share.

Bare Hub Shield PCBs.

Bare Hub Shield PCBs.

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